Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Emma Watson has really enhanced breasts? On canmag.com I read an article with an indication that Hermione Granger, Harry Potter has received increased her small breasts. Is that true? In a poster of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban from Warner Bros. " her breasts are small, but in the other poster of another firm her breasts are enlarged. Is this art or technical Warner Bros. their original breast size has reduced in the poster
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What do you think about the two nude scenes in their going to have Harry Potter 7? THIS IS WHAT THE ARTICLE SAID! (I copied and pasted it) -------------------------------------- ... Although it was earlier this week announced it would " Daniel Radcliffe will appear naked in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, more information about the scene was released. Director: David Yates, the crowd parted La Vibra, that Dan doesn't get nude once, but twice in the last few installments, Harry's reflection off state in the book. Quote Well, Dan (Radcliffe) has been found naked in the past, but there are a few scenes in the new film in which he undressed, they were still thinking about how we present it. It is a fascinating scene in which Harry and Ron (Rupert Grint) trying to kill a Horcrux (a magical creature). It tries to defend itself and creates an image of Voldemort's soul, that a series of images, where Harry and Hermione (Emma Watson) has a hug and kiss. And we will be something that feels very sexy and very interesting to take to create a reaction in Rupert () who is in love with Hermione. Quote There is a scene in Kings Cross Station, where Harry almost dies and sees Dumbledore. In this scene, he is also naked, he added. Yates also mentioned a new scene added to (the movies, dancing, in which Harry and Hermione presumably after Ron leaves), the unemployment rate is very difficult to find a favorite scene, but something we are not only as part of the movie truly priceless . There is a scene where Hermione and Harry to dance together, not in the book - it is something we have for the film and is actually very gentle, very kind and respectful, and they also show a few secrets about each other while dancing, "said Yates. David discussed Dan, Rupert and Emma's potential long-term career plans, probably act in his view, rate and Daniel continue to guide them. Rupert to act in any case, and Emma, if she wishes it could be a movie star or whatever they decide, because they are very talented and very intelligent. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be from 19 November 2010 and 15 July 2011. -------------------------------------- ... Personally, I do not see the whole thing to dance with them very relavent in the book because it barley even talked to each other! & I know that they really want to show that Ron's jealousy and how much he really loves Hermione but I think it really could only have shown the two kiss I dont think it would make a difference if They were fully clothed at all! Naked & A passonite makeout scene is really pushing PG-13 to ask if you want me! Especially for Harry Potter! I think it will definitely by parents who (criticize their children, so you can see it & Christians, or at least they are really paranoind) (in not) will have an absolute field day with her! .. What are your thoughts?
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